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Action planet Mars, retrograde in Aquarius, crosses the South Node of the Moon for the second time July 20.A re-post of an Apr. 25, 2018 article, "Mars Enters the Retrograde Shadow of a Highly Uranian Retrograde Period": … #astrology #marsretrograde

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New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for 2011

astrologers; New York City astrologers offer visions of disaster, revolution and reconciliation for 2011 As Lutin noted, “The culture of America has reached such a low level that if Jesus of Nazareth came back now he would be on Dancing with the Stars.” Lutin doesn’t hold the Pluto return responsible for all the fireworks that are yet to come. In March, Uranus will enter Aires setting up a major confrontation with Pluto in Capricorn. There will be a conflict between individual rights and ordered regimes in every culture and country in the world, he believes. Lutin sees this dynamic played out primarily through individual acts of rage that will most certainly involve violence. But he also sees it on a grander political scale. In fact, Lutin, who appears frequently in New York media, has a personal wish for 2011. He would like to moderate a debate between the two talking heads that he thinks most clearly exemplify the astrological conflict - Rachel Maddow, an Aires, and Sean Hannity, a Capricorn. For others, disaster may come sooner than March or even the New Year. Uranian astrologer Kathleen Hanna, who also has 40 plus years of soothsaying under her belt, observed that the eclipse beginning on Monday has an alignment of “glowering” planets not seen since 1930 - a year that saw the rise of Fascism in the world.

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